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Heal My Legacy: Building Blessings for Future Generations

EP 1.5 - From Feeling Alone to Feeling Supported - The Power of Healing Your Legacy

Episode 5

In this episode, I talk to Natanya Lara, a past client, and friend, who experienced several of the components of a Heal My Legacy program. 

We also talk about:

1. how parts of the program helped her to gain the awareness of who she really is at a core level

2. What gave her permission to experience her exploration of how she wanted to shift in her profession with a sense of curiosity and inquiry instead of this heaviness and restriction that she had been feeling

3. What parts of the work allowed her to go from feeling alone to feeling resourced and to feeling like and feeling the support that she has around her and available to her all the time

4. how change can feel sustainable.

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My guest

Natanya is a certified parenting coach, energy worker, and essential oils advocate. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help people at every stage of life to find emotional and physical wearing and physical wellness she has supported adults and kids of all ages to manage their energy and emotions for over a decade. She has been a business owner for over two decades and is a solo mom of two teenage boys. Find her at https://natanyalara.com 

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