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 Hi there, I am Janie and here is my own story... 

Perhaps you’ve experienced years of being able to easily create the life you wanted, and now nothing is working. You may be wondering, “What’s wrong with me!”

You may find yourself depressed, stuck, and struggling, not knowing why nothing seems to be working. Not in your personal life, not in your career, not in your business.

I get it. I’ve been there.

Some say the answer is to heal the wounds or energies which keep you from taking action so you can show up and serve the world in the way your heart and soul yearns.

However, not all healing leads to clarity and not all action brings the results desired. I learned this the hard way.

In reality, what we seek is lasting happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment–our soul desires actualized.

What it really takes to achieve these results is working with your soul level knowledge and learning HOW to implement the information into your daily life. Like I did, you will begin to see the results you want.

I am excited to share my Soul Actualized Approach with you.

You will be able to create a vision aligned with your purpose and develop a plan of action to meet your goals and live aligned with your soul.

You are here because you have been searching — for guidance, for healing or both.

You find yourself reacting to and getting caught up in the problems of others in ways you don’t want to anymore, but you’re not sure exactly what you can do.

You know you are on a spiritual journey and you find that you are looking for the skills or tools you need to get to where you want to go.

Maybe you find yourself living an “OK life” but you want more. You want to feel more connected, more whole, more healthy.

You want to feel more at peace, more centered.

You want to feel more happiness and joy.

Not sure where to start?

I work at personalizing a healing program that will give you the space, energy, and clarity to build your legacy. The goal is to enable the effortless flow of the full and authentic expression of your soul.


Part of my purpose is to help clients live authentically so they can actualize their soul purpose effortlessly. Like other healers, I help my clients heal any wounds or energies which keep them from showing up and serving the world in the way their heart and soul yearns. However, part of my purpose is to teach individuals the skills they need to know HOW to become sovereign over their own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy.

What I’ve learned in the last 15 Years

Like many, I found myself in a successful life as determined by all outside measures (married, kids, house, career), but I was dissatisfied and unhappy. My journey started when I was determined to find out why?

The Soul Actualized Approach

Part of my purpose is to help clients live authentically so they can actualize their soul purpose effortlessly. Like other healers, I help my clients heal any wounds or energies which keep them from showing up and serving the world in the way their heart and soul yearns. However, part of my purpose is to teach individuals the skills they need to know HOW to become sovereign over their own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy.

I integrate shamanic healing, magic, and other energy practices to support them in not only healing, but also developing a vision aligned with their purpose and guide them to develop and actualize a coherent plan of action to meet their goals.

I teach clients that what it really takes to achieve results is working with their soul level knowledge and learning HOW to implement the information into their daily life. I teach my clients energy body hygiene skills and healing practices that lead to clarity so they can take action that brings them the results they desire.

Using my 20-year training and experience, I developed my proprietary Soul Actualized Approach which uses soul-level information to help you learn and gain clarity about the type of life your soul wants to experience and how to make that life a reality.

The Soul Actualized Approach integrates spiritual technologies and healing modalities.

The SOUL MANDALA Program and the AHAA Coaching Method integrates AWARENESS, HEALING, and ALIGNED-ACTION to help you develop spiritual and embodied alignment.

First, you gain AWARENESS of your soul gifts which allow you to live your soul purpose.

Then, using different modalities you are guided to HEAL and overcome the blocks getting in the way of achieving your goals.

Finally, you will develop strategy and implementation plans to take action which is aligned with your soul desires.

You will receive expert support along the way so you can actualize the vision and life your soul is guiding you towards.

More about me

Fifty years into this life journey, are we living the authentic life we desire?

I had the opportunity to discuss this with Janie Jaramillo Santoy, who has grown into an understanding of her own journey toward authenticity and whose energy work helps others do the same. Janie is a mother, professor, and business owner. But though she occupies those roles, she’s clear that her emotional and spiritual health requires that she define how those roles look in her life.

Janie lives in Brownsville, Texas, the city where she grew up. Ever the Yalie, she was on the express track to professional and personal attainment. Indeed, it was about 15 years ago when Janie–married, the mother of two small children, full-time faculty and Chair of the English Department at a local college, and speeding through her Ph.D. program–realized that what awaited her on the other side of receiving that degree was not what she wanted. Burnt out, Janie became anxious and depressed. Seeking help, she went “the allopathic route” but the medication prescribed did not make her feel better; it numbed her out.

Then she had an epiphany. Looking at her friends and parents who awaited retirement to finally pursue fulfillment, she realized that she was on “exactly the same road,” seeking external benchmarks of success and deferring her own aspirations. But when a colleague died a few months before their retirement, Janie “started learning about healing, spiritual connection, and how people can manifest illness in their bodies,” she shared. “For me, it was about exploring the different modalities and asking how else can I do life that isn’t focused on accumulation and material wealth.”

Janie explained that the modalities she sought were the myriad ways that people can access deep areas of spiritual understanding and truth that comprise energy work. These modalities, or spiritual technologies, include reiki, tapping, emotional freedom technique, energy clearing, shamanic healing, divination, magic and spell work, and akashic records work.

Ironically, it was Janie’s Ph.D. studies through one of this country’s first accredited online Ph.D. programs that opened her up to seeking online teachers to guide her spiritual exploration and release the knowledge within her. As she learned these modalities from teachers who spanned the globe, she found herself returning to curanderismo, a form of traditional Mexican medicine work and folk healing that was a part of her life growing up. Though Janie always had a curiosity about the beliefs and practices woven into the indigenous background of her family when she caught glimpses of it during visits to Mexico, she didn’t know what it was until she started learning from teachers online who had been trained by indigenous healers. That revelation led to another: both her great-grandmothers used traditional curanderismo practices in their daily lives.

Janie’s journey taught her that “my life is about me being fulfilled rather than fulfilling other people. I had to relearn how to focus on myself and my true purpose. It’s more than being a wife and mother. Those are roles, but it’s up to me to determine how I want to show up in those roles.” This promoted wholeness. “A lot of the healing that I had to do involved letting go of who I had learned to be and becoming who I wanted to be. Sometimes it was really difficult to let go of years of commitment to being the person I no longer wanted to be.”

This process has borne fruit on several levels. Janie founded her professional practice that eventually became Soul Actualized (soulactualized.com). Through it, she helps clients to align, heal, and discover their own path to self-actualization. While most of her own learning from teachers did not happen locally and her healing work is global, Janie is committed to disseminating what she has learned locally as well. “Lots of people [in her community] are familiar with these practices but don’t understand what informs the practices.” But by connecting what they know and the local terminology to the broader practice, Janie is helping to honor the knowledge of her foremothers that continues to serve her community.

Janie brings a core understanding to her work. “Before I felt like I had to choose between sacrificing myself or other people. And I would always choose to sacrifice myself. Now, I can show up authentically in a way that serves me and those I love. I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice anyone.”

Originally published in the Yale Alumni Magazine, January/February 2022 written by Erica Simone Turnipseed

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Client Testimonials

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Janie zeroed in on a situation that has been a subconscious catalyst for self- limiting beliefs and insecurity when it comes to running my own business.

She gently guided me in a process that left me feeling liberated, enthusiastic and much lighter of spirit!

Sue Williams
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sue Williams

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