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Heal My Legacy: Building Blessings for Future Generations

EP 1.2 Can Energy Healing Have a Lasting Effect? Healing My Legacy

Episode 2

In this episode, I share my story with you about how energy medicine, energy healing, and shamanic modalities all helped me to go from someone who was depressed, confused, not sure exactly what was going on, and not really looking forward to the future or thinking of it as a vacuum to someone who is hopeful, who has taken back her agency, who feels empowered and restored by using these different modalities.

I also talk about:

The events that got me started on my personal development journey
What happened to me when my teacher died
Why the Reiki attunements I received were so difficult
What modality first offered me some relief and why I got so excited by the idea of energy medicine
Why I started working on developing my intuition
What technique finally made all the healing pieces fit together

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