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Unlock the REAL POWER of
Your Energy Body

So you can release blocks, anxiety & resistance that keep you from manifesting the life you want…

 Are you tired of feeling anxious, worrying about the future and tired of people taking advantage of you? Are you looking for a

proven system
so you can regain peace in your life, as well as trust and confidence in yourself?


Get the proven step-by-step system that teaches you how to protect your energy, regain your confidence, and clear blocks that hold you back

(… even if you’re so discouraged because nothing you’ve tried has worked)

During These Life-Changing Lessons,

You Will Learn How to:

Mastering Your Energy Body
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Here’s What You’ll Get During

These Life-Changing Lessons:

This training is FOR you if:

This training is NOT for you if:

“Learning from Janie has been an amazing gift to me — giving me ways to learn and grow that I didn’t know anything about before.”

I have changed and grown in ways I could never have anticipated and I’m successfully moving my business in directions I never expected when I first started my journey. I am so happy and blessed!

Janie’s brilliant, knowledgeable and cares very deeply about helping her clients in every way possible. She knows how to help people overcome the intimidation factor inherent in learning new things, and she’s. able to help bring out the best in everyone she works with.

Margie Z. Taylor, Shamanic Practitioner
Gateways to Wisdom

In this class, you’ll
learn skills to develop a healthy energy body
unlock your own Inner wisdom
create Inner Change so you can take the action
to create results.

You will learn:

Janie zeroed in on a situation that has been a subconscious catalyst for self- limiting beliefs and insecurity when it comes to running my own business.

She gently guided me in a process that left me feeling liberated, enthusiastic and much lighter of spirit!

Sue Williams 

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Before the clearing I was mulling over my visibility in the world and what was holding me back from stepping even more forward.

I loved the mix of practical instructions and energy clearing.

Novalee Wilder
Numerologist & Author

Janie is a powerful healer and perfect for anyone who recognizes a repeated struggle  that they are having difficulties resolving. 
Her expertise is clear and highly valuable.

Cathy Weiss
, Intuitive | Clairvoyant,

When you have trouble manifesting the life you want, the difficulty leads to feeling

 anxious, unmotivated and without direction.

There are many reasons why this happens. On any given day you

  • lack the energy
    needed to participate in life activities,
  • can’t balance
    the demands of family, work, and daily life,
  • have
    difficulty maintaining clarity
    about what exactly you’d like to create,
  • encounter resistance
    to taking action,
  • have a
    hard time moving past blocks
    to taking action you KNOW you want to take.

Sometimes you may

 wake up feeling overwhelmed
unenthusiastic about your life
with thoughts like:
“If only X would happen, then I’d be able to show up for my goals!”

The path in your life can seem

out of your control
. And you
feel paralyzed
about what to do next.


long to feel in control of your manifesting activities
and want to
connect deeply in your relationship with your family and friends

You look forward to being able to

start your day feeling energized
and with
full of hope and joyful anticipation
of what the day will bring.

You want to

feel capable and confident AND safe and supported
when you have to show up for your dreams and desires.

You want to be able to

respond and take action
in the moment instead of being angry or sad and letting negative thoughts play on a loop in your head all day.

To get these types of results
is critical & achievable.

As a spiritual entrepreneur or healing practitioner, you know

energy is everywhere
. It’s everywhere inside you and all around you.

You are energy. Your dreams are energy. Your relationships are energy.


Here’s another truth.

When you’re feeling resistance and avoiding something, you ARE using your energy. But you’re using it to create what you DON’T want.

Instead, you must

develop the skills
so you can
master your energy
create what you DO want
in your daily life.

If you are

feeling stuck
or heavy, it’s probably because your
energy is trapped
or hijacked by people and events in your current life or experiences in the past. From a challenging experience or memory, this trapped energy triggers a
downward spiral of emotions
avoidant behavior
. You may try to push yourself to take action but eventually the
feelings become so uncomfortable
that you try something else or give up.

The more this happens, the more you

become disconnected from the true source
of your vital life force. You may incorrectly think, “If I feel bad, then it means I’m not aligned” or worse yet, “I’m not meant to do this.”

Next thing you know, you’re spiraling in thoughts that don’t serve you and using your precious energy doing activities that don’t help you achieve your goals and don’t move your business forward in a purposeful way.

You have a

life force of vital energy that is yours to use however you want
. You need this energy to be able to
build your dreams

But somewhere along the way, you handed over control of it to someone else. You may have been told you weren’t allowed to get angry or be sad or express yourself. You learned you needed to be a certain way in order to belong.

The key is to learn the skills to help you

YOUR energy.

How We Help

The skillsets and tools taught in

Mastering Your Energy Body
are designed to help you clear out what’s getting in the way of your true power, such as

  • the lack of clarity about your vision
  • the inability to focus
  • the thoughts that don’t serve you,
  • the resistance held deep inside your body that keeps you from taking action,
  • the exhaustion that comes from being disconnected from yourself and your own vitality.

You will learn

  • what a healthy energy body is and why it’s needed to achieve clarity and focus so you can achieve your goals,
  • how to feel safe and supported in showing up and taking action,
  • how to set boundaries so your energy is not hijacked by others, and
  • how to connect to vital source energy so can build and replenish your energy even after working a full day.

With all these skills, you will empower yourself from the inside out.

The result

When you master your energy, you’ll feel

, and
and most of all, you’ll be able to take action with ease!

Mastering Your Energy Body

Come join
Janie Jaramillo
Boon Sym

for a 7 week online live

29th June – 10th August 2022
(Wednesdays, 7pm-8.30pm)
USA Central Time

30th June – 11th August 2022
(Thursdays, 8am-9.30am)
Singapore Time

  $249 USD   |   $349 SGD

I’ve worked with countless coaches, to the point where I can generally predict what they’ll suggest as next steps.
None of those coaches have worked for me, and now not only do I understand why, I have a guide to lead me in a different way.

This program is unlike anything you’ve done before.
If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, Janie will have you looking at your business (or whatever is challenging you) from an entirely new perspective.

I love

how much concrete information
I’ve received, and how much it has helped me to
understand my unique ways of being and doing

Working with Janie has

provided new information
that feels like it has supported me in taking an entirely different approach to a challenge I’ve struggled with for years.

Natanya Lara
Owner at Natanya Lara

Lesson 1:
Your Invisible Energy Body & Developing Presence

In this lesson, you will learn  

  • A big picture overall view of your invisible energy bodies and the effects each has on your actions and experience
  • The importance of practicing energy hygiene
  • How to cleanse your energy bodies
  • How to nourish your energy bodies
  • How to deepen your grounding and presence

Lesson 2:
Cultivating Your Connection with the Infinite Source

In this lesson, you will learn how to

  • Connect to and access the infinite sources of energy available to everyone,
  • Energize your body,
  • Cultivate your own knowingness and truth, and 
  • Connect with your intuition and make better decisions.

Lesson 3:
Creating Healthy, Intelligent Energetic Boundaries

In this lesson, you will learn

  • Why healthy energetic boundaries are essential for your own well-being,
  • How they affect your relationships, your emotional balance, and your focus.
  • To discern healthy and intelligent energetic boundaries.
  • How your words and actions reinforce your boundaries.
  • Practices to strengthen your boundaries and reinforce them.
  • Practices to scan your boundaries and how to repair them.

Lesson 4:
Exploring your Energy Body

Having covered the main components in your Energy Body, in this lesson, you
will learn how to

  • Gain insight into how your own personal energy system works.
  • Engage with and explore your own Inner Landscape and symbolic language.
  • Explore your energy centers in your Energy Body.
  • Get in touch with your own innate power of healing.
  • Cleanse and switch off your analyzing mind.

Lesson 5:
Owning your Space – Your Current Self

In this lesson, you will learn how to

  • Step into the center of your power, your authentic self, and claim it.
  • Explore your Inner Landscape and discover the parts in you that made the original choices that are impacting you today.
  • Clear independently and how to support others in a clearing.

Lesson 6:
Basic Clearing Practice

In this lesson, you will cultivate skills to use in your Inner Landscape by

  • Using curiosity and compassion in the exploration of your Inner Landscape.
  • Engaging past selves to make new choices.
  • Learning about the 3 entry points to clearing.
  • Practicing clearing and supporting.

Lesson 7:
Clearing Cords and Contracts

In this lesson, you will learn

  • About energetic “cords” and “contracts” that result in energy drains and unhealthy relationships.
  • Techniques for clearing energetic “cords” and “contracts”.

The final component of the course will help you to consolidate the system you have learned by focusing on

  • Best practices for Energy Body Mastery.
  • Best practices for clearing energies that block progress.

Chew Boon Sym (

Boon Sym is a Singapore-based practitioner in Inner Transformation and Healing.

She started her career in the corporate world as an Actuary, with over 20 years of experience. Her passion for personal growth and in enabling the growth of those around her led her to train as a Life and Executive Coach. She has also practised Qigong since a teenager with a keen interest in how energies work and how it can support and transform the growth of an individual. She has experience with a wide range of healing modalities including crystals and yoga, and has been journeying with the Last Mask Centre programs since 2018.

Boon Sym is a mother of 3 and a trained Yogakids facilitator, with particular experience in working with children and parents and developing programs for them. She has a particular interest in supporting the growth and development of individuals young and old, and to plant the seeds for a better future.

Janie Jaramillo

Janie Jaramillo (she/her) is a teacher and practitioner of shamanism born and based in South Texas, USA.

She specializes in helping online spiritual entrepreneurs heal any wounds or energies which keep them from showing up and serving the world in the way their heart and soul yearns.

She integrates shamanic, magic, and other energy practices to support her clients in developing a vision aligned with their purpose and helps them develop and actualize a coherent plan of action to meet their goals. Janie has been practicing EBM since 2017.

Janie is a mother of two thriving young adults and has been an educator in higher education for over 25 years. She is committed to teaching skills that provide proven systems individuals can use to develop their self-awareness and learn how to heal themselves.


Janie was able to say the right things in the way that I could hear to help me with what I needed to focus on.

I was impressed with Janie’s ability to convey what I needed to hear in a way that made sense to me. I am still doing the “home work” she gave me and it is helping.

Visionary Energy Healing

I was seeking
clarity on my career path
. Conflict between my rational side and my heart in relation to career.

I was impressed with the precision with which Janie spotted my issue.


Mastering Your Energy Body

a 7 week online live

29th June – 10th August
(Wednesdays, 7pm-8.30pm)
USA Central Time

30th June – 11th August
(Thursdays, 8am-9.30am)
Singapore Time

  $249 USD   |   $349 SGD

What if I cannot attend the live sessions?
Each class will be recorded and the recording will be available for 60 days in the class portal.
I would like to attend the course but cannot afford it. What are my options?
Email us using the Contact form and we can arrange to talk to see if we can find a way to work together.
Are there any prerequisites for this course?
There are no prerequisites. If you have specific concerns, feel free to Contact us to have a conversation.
I am extra sensitive to energies. I am concerned about being in a group.
The practices you will learn in this course in the first three lessons will help you with this concern.
What if I enroll and find the course isn't for me?
You have 14 days after the start of the course to request a refund.
I have additional questions. How can I contact you?
You can contact us using our Contact form.

We will answer you via email or phone as soon as we can.