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Heal & Clear Your Energy Blocks for Good

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Healing for the Future: Your Soul's Legacy

Build Blessings
Instead of Burdens:

Heal Your Hereditary Family Patterns --
So Your Children Don't Have To

"Doing this work has assisted me in creating wholeness in the fabric of my life."


Healing Legacies and Creating New Futures for You and Your Children to Thrive

You may see yourself having these types of moments in your life as a parent. 

  • Seeing yourself reacting in ways you told yourself you never would, or saying things you swore you’d never say to your children.

  • Feeling your whole life revolves around parenting and other people to the point that you can’t remember who you are as an individual.

  • Overgiving to the point that you rarely have any energy left at the end of the day for your own interests or projects.

  • Worried that if you don’t take charge, things will fall apart and you’ll lose complete control of the situation.

  • As a parent, professional, or spouse, scrambling to live up to a standard of perfection that you wouldn’t hold anyone else to.

That's what it can look like to inherit an energetic legacy from your own parents, caregivers, grandparents, and other close family members who've had a major influence on your growth and development.

Your ancestors.

Knowing this…what legacy do YOU envision leaving in this lifetime?

Legacy building means being very deliberate about what you do and do not let in.

What beliefs guide you?
What mindsets run through your mind daily?
What habits do you cultivate and show up consistently for?

Of all of the above, what patterns have you likely inherited in this lifetime that you know you do not want to pass down to your children?

Things like…

  • Feeling swiftly disoriented and overwhelmed when something goes wrong or when there are too many decisions to make.

  • Holding on tightly to mostly toxic relationships out of obligation or because of the fear that it’s the “best you can get.”

  • People pleasing tendencies that have you going above and beyond to prove yourself worthy to people and jobs that barely give you the recognition you already deserve.

  • Having difficulty saying no or asking for what you want in your key relationships.

  • Feeling more and more disconnected from community and friendship unless you overextend yourself and make yourself “useful” to your friends and family.

All of the above represent patterns. They go beyond mindsets, habits, or trying to simply change your behavior.

The saying “when you know better, you do better,” doesn’t always happen for a reason.

And energy and generational patterns play a huge role. It’s no accident that we find ourselves sometimes acting like our parents or even their parents, when we said we wouldn’t.

Every single one of us came here with something to learn, heal, and pass onto future generations.

Reclaiming and healing your Soul’s Legacy is how you shift from causing scars to creating blessings for your children and future generations to really thrive. 

Imagine this...

When you think about your children's futures, you feel a sense of calm and certainty. You’ve been putting in the work to release past patterns, ancestral wounds, and old habits.

Those old hurts? They’re no longer a burden you nor your children have to carry for lifetimes to come.

You know this because you can feel it on a mind, body, soul level. It’s in your bones.

You can see the resulting changes within and around you. Life feels meaningful. You’re more oriented toward your larger purpose for being here.

Boundaries feel natural to you.
Confrontation doesn’t deter nor scare you. And you notice there is less tension and conflict coming up overall.
When you go after what you want, you feel clear and confident.

You’re tapped into your purpose and abundance. No more saying yes to the things that deplete your energy because of scarcity beliefs.You’ve created spaciousness in your life for the self-care practices that nourish you.

You aren’t relying on limited amounts of willpower to make things happen because you’ve unlocked something much deeper.
You’re connected to and clear on the energetic principles that help you orient to what matters most: Your Soul’s Legacy

Now you’re modeling healing and more for your children, no matter their age. 

You can drop into more trust that they’ll be okay. They can learn the skills to get through hard things. They can be in the world without being destroyed by it.

That’s because you’re doing YOUR work. You see yourself reacting less, releasing a need to control, and are focused on solutions and outcomes you want to make happen in your life. You see the same possibility for your children.

If something comes up that would normally send you into a tailspin, or trigger a lot of past hurt or fears, you have the tools, community and coaching to respond in new ways. By doing this, you’re forging new patterns and already establishing a legacy of healing.

You know that everything you’re doing to heal, all the energy work you’re learning to do for yourself, it’s not only a model your children can follow, it energetically releases so many patterns they no longer have to carry as family debt in their lifetime.

Every step of the way, you’re not alone. You know you have an expert mentor in your corner. You have one-on-one energy sessions to look forward to and where you continue to build upon see so much more progress in a shorter period of time than most imagine possible….

You’re out here really living your day-to-day life, not feeling controlled by it.
Leading by example.

    Assisted me in creating wholeness in my life

  • "Doing this work has assisted me in creating wholeness in the fabric of my life. .. Helped me create consistency so I can be myself."

    Natanya Lara

Gave me a game plan

After working with Janie, one of my long standing issues cleared immediately.

She was able to work her magic and give me a game plan to continue the work on my own.

She is compassionate, wise, and extremely tuned in. I highly recommend working with her, she has truly helped to clear my path so that I could move forward more brilliantly and with more ease, and I’m certain she will help you clear the way as well!

MaryAnn Candito
Voice Actor

What it Means to Do Your Own Soul’s Legacy Work

You came into this lifetime with a unique soul essence. Part of your path is to learn how to fully express your Soul’s Purpose.

In everyday language, what does that mean?

You have a feeling your life is supposed to feel…different.You might be seeking a sense of feeling at home that never quite materializes.A part of you knows you’re here for a reason; then life gets in the way.Everyday responsibilities. Work. Dinner. Bills.

You, me, everyone, we all have a unique soul essence. Your Soul’s Legacy is your birthright.

However, raising children and taking care of a family while keeping up in a capitalistic, patriarchal system can keep your mind, body and soul feeling too busy, overworked, and drained to reach that feeling of fulfillment.

It’s hard for any one person to do the “real work” to heal under all of that. Then add being a woman, BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, and any intersection of identities.

It’s all a recipe for what we identify as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and life depleting habits. 

One of the ways you do your part to subvert the systems designed to keep us down is to reclaim your Soul’s Legacy. 

You do the Soul’s Legacy Work to relieve what ails you now AND to establish the legacy of healing you want to model and leave for your children and grandchildren.

Build those blessings instead of more trauma.
Heal now so your children don’t have to.

    Helped Me Understand Myself

  • "I finally understood where I come from, who I really am and be able to not fight it and relax into it.  Knowing this is the way I'm most comfortable operating and being able to integrate it into my day to day."

    Natanya Lara

Grown in ways I never anticipated

Learning about my soul essence has been an amazing gift to me — giving me ways to learn and grow that I didn’t know anything about before.

I have changed and grown in ways I could never have anticipated and I’m successfully moving in directions I never expected when I first started my journey.

I am so happy and blessed! Janie’s ability to mesh 5D intuitive guidance and information with our 3D world is the perfect skill set to maximize the benefit for anyone’s business.

Margie Z. Taylor
Shamanic Practitioner

I feel much more confident and relaxed

In my work with Janie, I received information to group together different aspects of my business that I had been thinking about – in a way I hadn’t thought of before – that made complete sense.

Janie was able to narrow things down with questions, and then arriving at that magical next step. That was awesome. Now I feel much more relaxed and confident about my business direction now that I know the next step to take. I am so happy to have been a recipient of the magic Janie weaves.

Cathy Wieden
Positive Beauty

Be the Master of Your Own Healing

If you look up “energy healing” online, the most common results are blog posts on Reiki or Energy Healer Certifications.

Where can everyday adults, especially parents, go when they want more than temporary relief? They want to make a positive and sustainable impact on their family, especially their children.

Energy work is AT THE ROOT of it all. It is the key to unlocking that which nourishes you and aligns you with your life’s purpose.

When that alignment isn’t there, you can feel it in all areas of your life: Work, home, relationship, parenting

When you’re feeling stressed and snap at your children or raise your voice louder than you’d like? Energy.

When your children come home grumpy, wake up tired, and seem to be falling behind in homework? Energy.

When you find yourself dealing with the same problems over and over…ENERGY.

No practitioner can fix that for you. If they’re promising you sustainable changes that don’t involve your active awareness and participation; well, they’re lying. 

Healing your legacy is a collaborative process.
One that begins with a mentor.
One that gives you the tools to do this work on yourself.

One that connects you to a community of other humans where you can tune in and amplify each other’s results.

We’re over here healing and writing new legacies. Join us?

    It was permission to be myself.

  • "I was feeling frustrated. The work we did was perfect for the place I was at. It helped me to reflect on who I am at core level and how I operate because of that.

    I was able to stop giving myself a hard time and understand myself. That I'm not broken."

    Natanya Lara


    The Heal My Legacy Program 

    Build Blessings Instead of Burdens: Heal Your Hereditary Family Patterns -- So Your Children Don't Have To

    A one-on-one energy mentorship specially designed for parents who are committed to personal growth, healing, self-care, and leaving a new legacy for their children and future generations to thrive.

    The Heal My Legacy Program is a one of the kind program specifically focused on parents who want to heal the energetic legacy their children inherit.

    What makes this program different?

    Not only am I going to train you on how to fully understand these energy healing principles for yourself and your own life,

    you will be learning to not only receive a healing session, but how to integrate one,

    and then also gain confidence to use the skills by having expert-led practice with me before you go on to practice with your peers, which further amplifies your results.

    Never in my 20 years in the healing field have I ever seen a program like this offered where you're going to be both in the training, learning the frameworks and getting praxis by actually practicing them with me and with your cohort.

    The unique factor in this training is integration.

    This is where most healing modalities fall short for most people.

    That's why ...

    You might have been in therapy for 10, 15 years and feel like you're still looping on the same issues.

    You might go to a massage session, feel great, but then, your body feels the same way in a week or two. 

    You might receive a reiki healing, you feel great for the rest of the day, but over time it feels like it just fades.

    The modalities fail because they lack integration to help you bring the healing into your life.

    And the whole purpose of Healing Your Legacy is to make sure your investment of time and energy in your healing has a lasting impact by becoming fully integrated into your life.


A limited number of spots are available. It's absolutely essential that you apply. We want to make sure it's a great fit.


This is the only time you will ever be able to enroll at this pricing.

In this program, you will

  • Work one-on-one with me to clear any energies that keep you from expressing/living your soul essence

  • In our one-on-one sessions, you’ll learn how to take these practices home and integrate them into your daily life

  • You’ll learn advanced discernment skills to make sure you’re not taking on any energy that is not yours (what most people refer to as “being an empath”)

  • You’ll also know how to cleanse your energy on a daily basis

  • You’ll learn skills for releasing stuck energy caused by negative childhood experiences. (Think adverse childhood experiences)

  • Together, we will retrieve and integrate “lost” soul pieces that retreated as a form of survival

  • You’ll progress to knowing how to do the majority of the energy work on yourself so you are able to use them in-the-moment

  • You will get to work with a community of other parents committed to their healing. In community, you get to amplify each other’s results.

  • You’ll learn skills for releasing stuck energy caused by negative childhood experiences. (Think adverse childhood experiences)

Most of our clients are amazed at my ability to connect with their energy to bring them relief and give them clear next steps.

“Janie is empathetic and is supportive to your energetic needs. She does her best to clear what is blocking you and you can tell she enjoys helping people!

The actionable advice to integrate my inner child in my day to day activities.”



“The biggest impression was the connection Janie made with my upper chakras and an experience from my childhood.

My throat chakra issues as a child was not something that she had known about beforehand. That information was spot on and gave me a direction to explore.”



“Janie is a powerful healer and perfect for anyone who recognizes a repeated struggle or situation in their life that they are having difficulties resolving for themselves. I was impressed by her presence, attentiveness, thoroughness. Her mastery and expertise is clear and highly valuable.”




Why Energy Healing?

Parenthood was the catalyst for me to take my healing more seriously too! So, I get it.

The Heal My Legacy Program is a result of my own 20-year energy healing journey.

It took me 20 years to learn all the skills I've integrated into the program.

I did work through the whole hodgepodge of different modalities and because of that I do have the practice and the frameworks I have now.

I have been able to create a cohesive system so it doesn't take you as long as it took me.

Because what I don't wish for anyone else is that you have to go another 20 years to figure this out.

Rather, we can work together for six months and see huge transformations that last you from that point forward.

We heal so our children don’t have to.

I hear it all the time. “I’m doing this so my children don’t have to go through what I did.”

It takes a deeper level of commitment to achieve true transformational healing for you and your children; the kind that goes in and energetically reprograms the generational legacy you leave behind.

It’s not about relying on practitioners to come in and fix things for you. The real magic happens as you step fully into your own spiritual and energy healing practice.

I guide you as you learn how to reclaim your own ability to self-heal and confidently embrace and express your unique soul's legacy.

Janie Jaramillo
Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Healer

Enroll in the Heal Your Legacy Program >>

Maybe you’ve tried any of the following already…

“Talk it out” Therapy Models: 

This kind of therapy addresses the mental body. That’s only one aspect that needs your attention.

It doesn’t get to clearing and fully releasing the energies. We can talk out one area of our life but stay stuck in the energy that led to that pattern or belief. Healing your legacy is a holistic approach to recognizing and releasing the energetic patterns you have not only picked up on in this lifetime, but that you have also inherited from your parents, their parents, and beyond. It goes beyond talking it out or trying to tap into great amounts of willpower to change the behavior.

Having a Holistic or Energy Healing Practitioner Work On You: 

This can include Reiki, bodywork (such as massage), acupuncture, intuitive readings, divination.

All over the above can have very beneficial, if temporary, results. You might walk away from a Reiki session feeling lighter and relieved. But, then what? What about the day-to-day?

There are parts of your healing that just cannot be completely outsourced to another. That’s why in the Heal Your Legacy program you’re going to learn to read and clear your own energy. We collaborate, but you’re the one with the ultimate power in your own transformation.

Trying to follow self-care plans or a new meditation practice: 

One of the number one complaints I hear from parents when we first meet is that they’re frustrated they’re not sticking with their self-care plans. Or, they went to a weekend retreat to get a break from daily obligations and came back only to feel MORE overwhelmed by life.

Healing and self-care are not temporary pills we swallow. Trying to force a morning meditation practice, for example, can be a set up for failure if you haven’t done some key energy clearing first. Your practice has to take your life into consideration.

Healing includes knowing how to continue the work no matter where you are. It means creating the ongoing conditions in your life to stay grounded and connected.

That’s a key part of the work in the Heal Your Soul’s Legacy Program.

Turning to substances, temporary pleasures, and distractions to “feel better.”

One common way we deal with things is relying on mind altering substances in a ways that can feel excessive and disruptive to the quality of life and presence you want to have. It can mean binge watching TV or endlessly scrolling through social media to disassociate. It can turn into chronic shopping for things you know you don’t need or really want. It might look like staying busy and overbooked.

It can even look like seeking physical gratification in ways that can feel unhealthy such as overexercising.

The more you practice the release work in Heal Your Soul Legacy, the less drawn you’ll feel to the habits you might be trying to shake right now.

It’s not willpower that ends the cycle. It’s recognizing and clearing the energy that’s leading to the behavior in the first place.

This is how you really dig deep and extract those patterns no longer serving you.

That work starts now. Join us?

    The Power of Ancestral Healing

  • "Something immediately shifted. Almost felt like reparation in that moment.

    Every time I take a micro-step. I feel a sense of relief."

    Natanya Lara

Before the clearing I was mulling over my visibility in the world and what was holding me back from stepping even more forward.

I loved the mix of practical instructions and energy clearing. 

The session brought me so much clarity around the actions to take and opportunities I can look for.


Janie is great at clearing energy and providing guidance to move forward in whatever area of your life you’re looking for insight.

She also makes the physical connection with your body.

It was helpful to know where and why I might be experiencing certain symptoms and what they’re related to.


Ready to Start Healing Your Soul Legacy

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Soul Essence Intuitive Session (value $1000)

Sacred Soul Qualities (value of $1000)

Soul Restoration (value of $1000)

Ancestral Healing (value of $1000)

Mastering Your Energy Body video course (value $649)

Meditation and Visualization Recordings (value of $199)

12 1-1 Integration Calls (value $2400)

12 1-1 Energy Clearing Sessions (value $2400)

Voxer Support Between Sessions

TOTAL VALUE: $10,200


/pay in full

6-month Program

Enroll in the Heal Your Legacy Program >>

    Who is this program for?

    • Parenthood has been (and still is) a major wake-up call to what you wish you had known and what you envision for your children, and you're determined to change the story for them

    • Despite your wish to wave a magic wand, slow time, and protect your children from some of the things you went through, you recognize that cultivating healing skills is the best thing for you and them

    • Despite your best efforts, you know deep down that it will take more than meditation practices and healing sessions to break free of your stress, mindset, and habits

    • The goal is to UNDERSTAND energy healing and develop a lifelong practice that you can confidently model and share with your family

    • You feel a strong pull to reconnect with yourself, your own identity, and what you came here to release, receive, experience

    • You are committed to healing yourself especialy because of the positive impact it can have for future generations  

    Who is this program NOT for?

    • Anyone only interested in healing surface level issues just enough to feel temporarily well enough to go on about life “as usual.”

    • Anyone seeking spiritual growth by disconnecting from the world and seeking ascension in a dream world devoid of community and deep connection

    • Anyone wanting to do self-study. Healing is not a solo endeavor - that’s how the system sets us up for failure and burnout. It perpetuates this belief that we have to do this alone, get it all right, be perfect, fix ourselves, make no mistakes. That’s not how we heal.

    • Those only looking for passive practices like guided-meditations and are not interested in learning how to integrate the work into their lives. 

    • Anyone looking for knowledge that they can just put on a shelf and not ever use and still expect results.

    • Anyone who is waiting for other people to change so their lives can change

    • Anyone who is not willing to find at least 5 minutes a day to start developing a daily energy practice.  

Program Framework


The Heal Your Legacy 


To heal and build a legacy that will support you, your children, and future generations, the program is designed so you can begin experiencing results immediately. The program has the following main pillars:







Connect with your purpose and your UNIQUE divine energetic signature and sacred soul qualities


Connect with and develop a strong relationship with your spiritual allies and ancestors ready to assist


Experience healing sessions to heal the major patterns that impede your connection to spirit and energy skill development


Learn a unique energy system and master the skills to clear your triggers, reclaim your energy & emotional well-being

What to Expect During the Program

    Creating Sustainable Change

  • "I am in a space of inquiry. In the best way. A way that is curious. I am deeply entrenched in the unfolding."

    Natanya Lara

She helped me define my vision for my project, taking it from a vision in my head to an actual product on the screen.

Janie is a highly attuned and spiritually awake person.

This made her so incredibly capable and ideally suited to understand what I was trying to convey and create.

Susanne Andersen Szippl
Artist and Teacher

I felt lighter and more organized after our session.

I was feeling stuck in some particular areas and was really resistant to doing some of the work that I’ve been trying to on my own.

I also felt like I received a lot of needed reassurance and clarity.

Melissa Ray Toro
Mom and Activist

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

You are guided every step of the way and you are not required to have any experience with energy work or spiritual healing. This program does not require that you develop or use any skills that will not serve you on a daily basis. Any intuitive information or readings that I do will retrieve information for you that you only need retrieved once.

What if I don’t get any results

The secret to getting results is showing up to the calls with your frustrations and with your questions. Developing a daily practice however small it may be, is critical for the skill development. There is no question that you will get results. As a coach, I can help you track and sustain momentum so you  can recognize your results and continue building on them.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

We definitely will follow your rhythm for learning and integration. My goal is for you to get results and NOT that you follow you a set pattern or formula. This program is the antithesis to one-size-fits-all programs. It is highly individualized and your capacity for change and rate of integration will inform the pace.

What happens after training ends?

What you will learn in the program will serve you for the rest of your life. The Soul Legacy Program is intended to take you through and give you opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills so that it informs how you life your daily life. After the program ends, you can continue with coaching and mentoring so you can continue integrating and improving your skills.

Do you have any guarantees?

If at any time you are not satisfied, you can terminate the program. All you have to do is send me an email. I will then calculate the services that have been rendered and send you an invoice if a balance is pending. You will only get billed for services rendered at the individual service rate at the time of termination.

What if I don't want to work with ancestors?

You do not have to worry about working with any specific ancestors that you may have had difficult relationships with. You will learn much more about the benefit of working with spiritual allies that are committed to seeing you succeed. The well-ancestors you do work with can help you heal the rifts YOU feel in the family so you don't have to carry them with you.

    Energetic Support Around Me All the Time

  • What's it like working with the ancestors?

    "It's the difference between being supported and not being supported. The tightness relaxes and I can relax into being in my body. There is energetic support around me all the time."

    Natanya Lara

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